After spending 3 years in England completing her MBA studies, golden girl Thato has returned to her butchery owning, South African township home with a new diet. She’s a vegan. At her welcome home dinner party, all is revealed…but not all is understood. A VEGAAN? VEGEEN? VIRGIN?? Misunderstanding and misinterpreting her new lifestyle as a vegan for the word ‘virgin’ her family want to believe she’s changed her diet due to her virtue. They applaud her for her chastity but encourage her to eat some ‘real’ food to regain all that weight lost due to her UK student brokeness. They realise her changed attitude towards food but cannot fathom the decision not to eat certain loved foods, especially MEAT.

Directed by Reabetswe Moeti and starring Sammy Mashabane, Kgaugelo Madisha, Tshenolo Moeti, Queen Motlatle, Comfort Motshepe and Steven Mofokeng. 

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