Megan’s idyllic life is thrown into turmoil, when it emerges that her husband, Lloyd, faces a heavy prison sentence for tax evasion. Megan, caught completely unawares is sent into a tailspin as she, not only loses her husband, her home and her comfortable suburban life, but also finds herself implicated in the tax fraud and facing jail time. Down on her luck and with nothing to her name Megan has to rediscover who she really is. With the help of her son and her best friend, Lindiwe, she finds solace and hope in her life-long love and affinity for cooking. 

Directed by Leli Maki and starring the likes of Renate Stuurman, Niels van Jaarsfeld and Deon Lawrence, this heartwarming film will take you on a journey through life’s 3 courses made easy – family, food and love. 

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