Silverbird Group and AAA Entertainment Sign Partnership Deal at IATF

Silverbird Group and AAA Entertainment are entering into a partnership to develop and produce a slate of cinematic African feature films on the continent and exclusively by African talent.

AAA Entertainment will bring to the partnership an experienced film development, financing and production team, facilities and partnership network, while Silverbird Group brings its cinema exhibition and distribution infrastructure and experience in West Africa and the rest of the continent, as well as its studio facilities and network in Los Angeles.

AAA Entertainment has distributed and executive produced some of the top South African box office hits and is looking to expand that success to the rest of the continent. Their experience in the distribution and sales of African content locally and globally, combined with Silverbird Group’s reach and understanding of the rest of the African cinema market, will ensure that a slate of well-developed and produced films can reach a global audience, while being relatable and entertaining for the domestic African market.

“We are excited about this partnership as it provides an opportunity to create great content between the two biggest markets on the continent, namely Nigeria and South Africa, and allows us to access pan African private equity and state funding.”

Mayenzeke Baza, Head of Distribution and Financing at AAA Entertainment
“Silverbird has a long history in the Nigerian Media and Entertainment sector. We began our journey as a live entertainment events company and expanded that into a network of Television and radio station properties. We have successfully built the premiere West African film distribution & exhibition company and now it is with excitement that we pivot into the feature film production sphere by announcing our partnership with AAA Entertainment.”

Ben Murray-Bruce, Founder at Silverbird Group
The deal will be signed during the IATF from the 15th to the 22nd of November in Durban, South Africa and will commence in the 1st Quarter of 2022.

Press Contact at AAA Entertainment

Press contact at Silverbird Group
Guy Murray-Bruce

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