Landmark Title ‘African-America’ Set to Launch to Global Audience

\"\"A Pan African Film & Arts 2021 Festival (PAFF) “best 1st feature\” film nominee, that explores what blackness and living your dreams looks like in America

Police brutality. Anti Blackness. Being South African in America. Immigration. Racial injustice. Being African-American in America. Living your dreams despite many obstacles.

African America explores these topics and many more when Nompumelelo, the lead character, escapes to America from Johannesburg, South Africa to live her childhood dream of starring on Broadway in New York City.

However Nompumelelo soon realizes that all that glitters isn’t gold and the American dream that she seeks may not apply to African-Americans or Africans in America.

\”MVP Productions and Azuspeak Productions are very excited that our little film could find itself on a huge international platform. We hope that a big brand like Netflix will help African America find itself an audience keen on a transnational tale of self-determination, socio-political commentary, and black girl magic.”–  Phumelele “Phumi” Mthembu, Co-Writer, Lead Actress, & Producer of African America.

“My film asks the question, where do we go with our dreams, and this is particularly poignant to ask given the year that we have all just left behind, a year beset by a pandemic that has devastated the medical and economic wellbeing of many, but more tragically to communities of colour around the world. As a black man living in today’s times, I have found myself ever more frequently asking myself what do I do with my dreams now?”– Muzi Mthembu, Writer & Director of African America.

‘African America’ had its world festival premiere at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival that took place February 28, 2021-March 14, 2021, and will now have its world wide exclusive streaming premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 23rd


‘African America’’ is directed by Muzi Mthembu and stars Phumelele “Phumi” Mthembu and Anthony Goss

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If you are interested in interviewing Muzi Mthembu (Writer/Director), Phumelele “Phumi” Mthembu (Producer, Writer, Lead Actress), and Avril Z. Speaks (Producer) in reference to their respective roles in bringing African America to life and to Netflix Worldwide, please contact Bonnie Meslane at Azania Public, African America\’s Publicist, at:

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