Tim passes out in the office and is rushed to the hospital just for his Doctor Sam Adeyemi to break the news of him suffering from  malignant tumor. Not wanting to put his wife Sonia and daughter through the pain of his death, Tim fakes an accident that requires a face reconstruction surgery after suffering from severe burns as a result of the accident. He then convinces his childhood friend George to go into his home as him and continue his family. The estimated time for his death passes and Tim begins to realised his decision was a huge mistake instead of spending his last moments with his family. His decision to return back home boomerangs as his wife, Sonia is now 4months pregnant from his friend. Will George just walk away from Sonia and his unborn baby without a fight?

Directed by B.T. Thomas and starring Alex Ekubo, IK Ogbonna, Bimbo Manuel’s, Hailie Sumney, Clem’s Ohameze, Damilola Ogunsi (Gold Fish) and Mariah UG.

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