Candy (Candace Ayuk), a young business executive, is driven by her career and has not time for the pleasures of life, much to the chagrin of her mother who wants to see her settle down. This drives a wedge between the two as Candy finds herself avoiding her mother’s calls. Fate plays a prank on her as she finds herself trapped by a promise to her mother and must pay her a visit over the weekend with her non-existent ‘boyfriend’. This starts the quest for A Man for the Weekend, to which end she agrees on a business deal with Bryan Mbah, an intern with her firm, who unknown to her is a secret admirer. This is how Candy and Bryan head off for a weekend at her mother’s. To add to the fun they are joined by her mom’s favourite and her senior sister, Christelle (accompanied by her husband), the yardstick by which Candy is always measured.

Directed by Achille Brice and starring Syndy Emade, Ojong Solange, Alex Ekubo, Nchifor Valery, Nkwah Kingsley and Becky Takang. 

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